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So the claim rules currently are have to be at least 20 blocks away from another claim, and the older one has priority. I am not really disputing that here... for bases.

You see I settled down in a nice area, trying to protect an entire lake so I can build a huge tree for a "tree of life" you see, and trying to claim some of the shore to decorate it and the entire lake, enough room for the canopy, and then an area on land nearby with my house and breeding.

When I first found this spot and claimed it, there were multiple pokeloots around me and for several days I could still loot them.... A couple of days ago I tried to expand my claim to finish claiming the entire lake so I could really get a start on the tree without worry of griefing.

Only to find a claim in my way, someone placed a little 10x10 claim on a tier 3 pokeloot(They did not claim it for the first few days I was there, as I could still right click without it telling me it was claimed.... I have bad memory so I kept forgetting if I looted it or not and kept checking for a few days)... thats it... no base, no nothing, just claiming a pokeloot. I feel this is wrong honestly. One can only loot it once(and if someone asked I don't mind trusting them temporarily to collect the loot that just happens to be in my claim). But now someone has claimed it, I cannot expand and because of it I can't even claim now part of the shore because of the 20 block away rule. I don't know exactly when they claimed it but it was after I had my claim and base. I have since expanded though and I don't know the exact times or closeness or if that can be told.

But moot point, I wouldn't honestly mind it too much if it was a base honestly, I could maybe even talk to them and work things out or at the very least talk to them about my idea about the lake and whatnot... No my problem is they just claimed a loot and that is that, I haven't even seen them before and they haven't been on and done anything to their claim either.

So maybe discuss on this type of claiming. Because as it stands I don't even know if me expanding resets the time my claim has or not. I didn't have enough claimblocks and get them via voting so I can only expand a certain amount every day. I couldn't go that far... and every day I would fly around to check if anyone had built a base or something to try to be nice but this? I just.... Sorry if I am repeating myself I am just rather angry and upset about this.

Edit: So the claim has been deleted, but I still feel that this might need to be discussed, claims without bases/homes set/for something like that... that doesn't even work more than once
Posted Mar 12, 18 · OP · Last edited Mar 12, 18 by Ladyjovia
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We investigated the problem and we found a solution.The claim has been removed because it was a 10x10 claim with a tier 3 pokeloot inside it and the player didin't set a home there. As i told you in-game in some situations we have to take actions. Thank you for bringing this to us. Requesting thread lock.
Posted Mar 12, 18
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