Hiya my loves, Its time to announce the christmas event and how its going to go.

This event will last for several days so everyone gets the chance to get their prize

It will be held on server 5, you will type /warp gift and when the event starts, some secret places will be unveiled, you will find these places and get 6 books. 5 have riddles/trivia, ones a book and quill. The book and quill is your answer sheet, you will type the 5 answers to the riddles in that book. Once you have all the riddles solved, just POLITELY get a staff member and have them check over your answers, once theyve confirmed, just state which server you would like your reward on. Every single person who completes the 5 riddles, gets a random shiny. However the first finishers get some special prizes. Please be patient with recieving your random shiny, we will make sure no one is forgotten but it will take a little time to distribute them all.

Do not share answers, Lets let everyone figure out the answers on their own.
Do not share book locations
Do not cause a ruckus and harass staff for the prize's early.
Follow all normal server rules.

First place: shiny of choice (including legends) + shiny delbird
Second place : Random shiny legend OR Shiny of choice (no legend) + Shiny delibird
Third place: Random legend OR shiny of choice (no legend) + shiny delibird
Fourth & fifth: Shiny of choice (No legend) + 0% ivs delibird.
Everyone else: Random shiny

I look foward to seeing you all there, i hope you all have enjoys /warp gift and the candies and masterballs that came with it.