How to craft

Items needed to craft one Quarry
1 Redstone
1 Diamond Pickaxe
2 Gold Gears
2 Diamond Gears
3 Iron Gears

Put the items in the configuration shown below.

How to use

Do /trust [buildcraft] to allow the Quarry to work inside of your claim.

Do /f access p [buildcraft] to allow the Quarry to work inside of your claim.

How to expand the area in which the Quarry will mine

You will need
4 Landmarks

Step 1: Placing the Land Marks
The land marks will need to be placed in the shape of a square / rectangle. The max size for a Quarry is 64 by 64.

Second Step: Connecting the Land Marks
You will need to right click one of the Land Marks for it to connect to the others.

Third Step: Placing the Quarry
Place the Quarry next to any of the Land Marks. The Land Marks will fall on the floor afterwards so make sure to pick them up!

Fourth Step: Collecting the Items from the Quarry
You can use any chest to do this, just place the chest on the top side of the Quarry.

Fifth Step: Powering the Quarry
There are many ways to power a quarry, the most commonly used would be Steam Engines. Steam Engines are powered off of coal.